Lights! Camera! and… Online! Kicking Goals On The Digital Stage.

A strong content strategy plays an important role in the delivery of a successful virtual event. Just like a traditional conference, we need to consider what your audience is interested in, highlight the key takeaways for the event and adopt strategies to keep your audience engaged and tuned in.

However, there is one important part of the content strategy that is commonly missed, the content delivery. More specifically, the speakers delivering the important content.

Virtual events are quite different to in-person events. Public speaking in a live environment, the speaker gets to interact with the audience, work the stage and adjust their styles based on energy in the room. For virtual events, the interaction is very much one way and starring down the barrel of the camera lens. Have you mastered that digital stage craft?

Presenter coaching for virtual events can be extremely useful, even for the most confident of public speakers. There are tricks to making presentations on the digital stage more professional and memorable.

While the Veritas Events team were in the studio working with Shelly Horton, we took the time to get her top tips to presenting like a pro. Shelly is a journalist, TV presenter, MC and runs her own company ShellShocked Media where she teaches media and presentation training. Shelly knows how to present key client messages weaving them into her own cheeky and honest delivery.

Shelly's Top 3 Tips on mastering virtual events presentations

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